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Soraya Rodríguez, on the European directive on violence against women

MEP highlights at FEMM the importance of improving the European Directive on Violence against Women

The Spanish MEP Soraya Rodríguez Ramos, from Renew Europe parliamentary group, today highlighted the hard work done in improving the European Directive on Violence against Women. In his speech, Rodriguez stressed the importance of addressing all facets of the Directive, emphasizing the crimes of forced sterilization, forced prostitution and the denial of legal and safe abortion.

Rodriguez stressed the need to strengthen the legal bases of the directive, including the introduction of gender-based violence as a eurocrime. “We cannot look the other way when we know that women in European territory are suffering extreme institutional violence,” said the MEP.

The protection of victims was also a central point in his statement. Rodriguez has highlighted the improvement in protective and restraining orders, as well as the appointment of specialized prosecutors and the creation of courts or chambers specialized in violence against women. She has also stressed the importance of providing support to children orphaned by violence, both in terms of custody rights and legal and social support.

Regarding preventive measures, Rodríguez has advocated the implementation of national strategies to combat gender-based violence in all member countries. In addition, she has proposed the creation of a European coordinator to combat violence against women, with the aim of improving institutional cooperation at European level and collaboration with the responsible institutions of the Member States.

Finally, the MEP stressed the importance of improving support and funding for women’s associations in the 27 Member States, which play a key role in the fight against gender-based violence. “We cannot forget the valuable work carried out by these associations, which provide social services and psychological support that should be provided by the Member States,” he said.

With her speech at FEMM, Soraya Rodríguez Ramos reiterated her commitment and leadership in the fight against gender-based violence in Europe, promoting concrete measures to improve the protection of victims and eradicate this scourge of society.

Soraya Rodríguez Ramos

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