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Soraya Rodríguez on the Due Diligence Directive for the defense of human rights and the environment

Soraya Rodriguez also referred to the victims of catastrophes such as Ranah Plaza, Brumadinho, and the need of justice being done.

Soraya Rodríguez MEP has defended the adoption of the Due Diligence Directive that establishes binding obligations for companies and guarantees the defense of human rights and the environment. The vote on the due diligence law for companies has marked an unprecedented moment, as it has established binding obligations and achieved a scope of application that is unparalleled globally. So far, this important step has been endorsed by Soraya Rodriguez, who urges all MPs to strongly support this law and to vote against amendments that could weaken it.

This law represents a significant step forward in terms of the honesty and consistency of the values we claim to represent. It aims to ensure that these values are effectively upheld. But this is not all: it is also a fundamental step forward for the victims and their families who have suffered the consequences of catastrophes such as the one that occurred in Bangladesh or in Brumadinho. These families are in search of truth and justice, and thanks to this law, they are guaranteed access to these rights and also the right to prevent similar events from happening again in the future.

It is crucial that MEPs vote in favor of this law, as it is what the majority of European citizens want. Moreover, the majority of European companies support this initiative, as they act with due diligence in their operations. We must ensure that all companies, without exception, comply with these standards in the interest of upholding human rights and the environment.

In summary, the due diligence law for companies is a crucial step in the protection of human rights and the environment. It has established unprecedented binding obligations and has received broad support from both European citizens and businesses. It is now the responsibility of MEPs to vote in favor of this law to ensure that everyone acts with due diligence and that our fundamental values are respected.

Soraya Rodríguez Ramos

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