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Resolution on the impact that the war against Ukraine has on women

Soraya Rodríguez condemns the rapes of women in Ukraine as war crimes and calls for all health support for them when they arrive in the EU

The MEP of Ciudadanos and spokeswoman for Human Rights and Women in the European Parliament, Soraya Rodríguez, condemned the rapes of women in Ukraine as war crimes and has called on the EU to offer them the full health portfolio, including abortion, when they reach EU territory. 

“We are not facing collateral damage from war but war crimes that must be punished” the spokeswoman denounced before the plenary session of the European Parliament. 

“We must collect evidence for perpetrators to pay for their crimes. I appreciate Eurojust’s modification so that it can collect and keep this necessary evidence. But more needs to be done: these women have the right to sexual medical services, to a safe abortion. All women who come to our borders, more than 5 million, have rights, and we have the obligation to provide them basic services,” she said.

Soraya Rodriguez claims that once again the body of women has become a battlefield. Moreover, she has reported the atrocities suffered by thousands of them according to information provided by the Ukrainian Ombudsman.

European Parliament resolution of 5 May 2022 on the impact of the war against Ukraine on women (2022/2633(RSP))

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