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Resolution on the death of Mahsa Amini and repression of demonstrators in defense of women’s rights in Iran

Soraya Rodriguez demands strong EU sanctions against Iran’s regime that oppresses women

The MEP of Ciudadanos and spokesperson for Women and Human Rights Committee has demanded the High Commissioner for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, strong sanctions against the Iranian regime. “Unfortunately, it is not something accidental or exceptional, it is part of the State policy against women’s rights”, she claimed before the plenary in Strasbourg, where she defended a condemnation resolution to Iran. “The violence carried out by the Iranian authorities to the demonstrators is not new; we witnessed it in 2019, in 2021, and in April of this year. The EU sanctioned Hossein Salami in 2019, since he was responsible for the Revolution’s guard corps. Currently, his boss is leading the repression against the protests with lethal fire. We need to apply new sanctions, it is the way to support Iranians and honor the life of all those women who have been killed for claiming for their freedom” Soraya Rodríguez said.

ReThe European Parliament resolution of 6 October 2022 on the death of Mahsa Jina Amini and the repression of demonstrators defending women’s rights in Iran (2022/2849(RSP))

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