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Soraya Rodriguez, on the agreement between the EU and Chile (AFET)

Soraya Rodriguez presents the new preliminary agreements reached between the EU and Chile.

Afghanistan’s taliban regime is being built on gender apartheid (AFET)

Soraya Rodríguez stresses the importance of officially cataloging as gender apartheid the situation of women in Afghanistan.

Soraya Rodríguez on the dictatorship in Nicaragua and the Sakharov Prize (AFET)

Rodríguez presents Vilma Núñez and Rolando Álvarez as Sakharov Prize candidates for their work in defense of human rights under the dictatorship in Nicaragua

Soraya Rodríguez in AFET on the situation of human rights in Nicaragua (AFET)

Rodriguez calls for more sanctions against Ortega’s regime and judges who are carrying out political repression in Nicaragua

Soraya Rodríguez on the rejection of the Constitution in Chile (AFET)

The MEP highlights the innovation and equality present in the constitutional text and raises questions about the majority will, the role of the general courts and indigenous participation

Soraya Rodríguez calls for ratification of the EU-Chile agreement and strengthening the role of women (AFET)

Ms Soraya Rodríguez, MEP from Renew Europe Group, urges to ratify the EU-Chile agreement and strengthen the role of women in trade, digitalization, gender and the environment.