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Support from the European Parliament to Jenni Hermoso and #SeAcabó movement in women’s football

Commissioners and MEPs of different nationalities and groups sign the shirt of the Spanish national football team as a show of support for the footballer Jenni Hermoso.

Parliament adopted the first European directive against gender-based violence: a historic step in protecting women

MEP Soraya Rodríguez analyses the first European directive on combatting gender-based violence adopted in Parliament and demands its final approval in the Council

Iran: the Battle for Freedom

The protests that began with the assassination in Iran of young Jina Mahsa Amini continue. The regime’s response exhibits the most stark and cruel face.

#25N: gender-based violence continues

One in three women have been victims of gender-based violence in the European Union; one in ten, of sexual violence; and one in twenty has been raped. 

Key points on the future EU Directive against gender-based violence

In-depth analysis of the text on the future Gender-based Violence Directive, which initiates the legislative work in the European Parliament.

Include abortion in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

Legal protection will ensure no woman or girl in the EU is forced to seek unsafe, life-threatening abortions.

Women killed in Iran: UE must strengthen sanctions to the perpetrators

Women killed in Iran show up the international community. The violence that they suffer is unbearable and brutal. It is time to live up to it.

Sexual violence against women: weapon of war in Ukraine

Rape, abuse and sexual violence are not collateral damages in the war against Ukraine, but rather war crimes.

Ban Taliban Travel: Permission to travel for Taliban leaders should not be renewed

The UN Security Council has been divided since August on whether to allow the Taliban to travel again.

The European Parliament’s response to the overturning of ‘Roe vs Wade’: for the right to legal and safe abortion

The European Parliament calls on the US Congress to adopt a federal law protecting abortion